Corsair M55 RGB Pro Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅13-06-19
Overall the Corsair M55 RGB Pro is a good value for money mouse, the build quality is better than average for a mouse in this price range and the sensor is responsive and will work for most, if not all gamers.

The mouse itself is a small, lightweight affair, while this may suit other users down to the ground we tend to prefer a slightly heavier, larger mouse, but as we say this is more down to personal preference.

While the mouse is small & light, the build quality has not suffered from whatever weight saving measures Corsair have utilised, the mouse feels solid, all buttons respond well when clicked and the scroll wheel doesn't feel too loose or flimsy but there is some side to side movement.

One thing we did notice ourselves missing throughout our time with the M55 RGB Pro is the lack of additional programmable buttons. We used the mouse in the right-handed mode and while the forward and back buttons on the right hand side of the mouse are re-programmable, in practice we found that they were very hard to use, it would be nice to see an additional two buttons on either side like the Ironclaw RGB Wireless has.

If you're after an ambidextrous mouse, the M55 RGB Pro is a good choice in this price range, however if you have larger hands or are keen on re-programmable buttons, it is one to avoid.

+Sensor accuracy
+Build Quality

-Lack of usable reprogrammable buttons

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