Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅16-11-17
Corsair is certainly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with it’s fan technologies, especially with the magnetic levitation fans – the performance is sublime, providing a huge airflow, high static pressure and low noise levels along with RGB lighting is no mean feat.

We can get the negatives out of the way first and foremost. Due to the placement of the RGB LEDs, they can, from certain angles, be an eye-sore. This is caused by the design of the magnetic levitation system; basically, performance came first in the design process, which is no bad thing.

The rubber mounting corners are a nifty idea, helping to absorb any unwanted vibrations which could translate into noise on some cheaper or thinner cases. It also opens up the ability of being able to swap the corners for different colours, further customising the look of your system.

At the end of the day, we think Corsair have done a brilliant job of these fans. The Corsair Link software works very well, the fan pushes massive amounts of air while remaining quiet and they look fantastic inside the case.

Like the LL120 fans, if you’re keen on illuminating your case but don’t wish to sacrifice any cooling performance, the ML120 is certainly recommended.

+ Massive cooling performance
+ Quiet operation
+ RGB lighting
+ Corsair Link software is excellent
+ Easy installation
+ Rubber corners prevent vibrations
+ Rock solid build quality

- Price
- LEDs can be obtrusive at certain angles

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