Corsair ML120 Pro RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅16-11-17
The Corsair Link software takes charge when it comes to the ML120 RGB fans, controlling all of the effects and lighting. This software suite also provides a fairly decent overview of your PC temperatures and frequencies. Most of Corsair’s range is now controlled by Link, which helps to remove clutter from your operating system.

From the opening page you are able to see individual core temperatures, along with the GPU and HDDs, it also reports fan speeds and core voltages where available.

To configure the ML120 fans, you are required to update your Corsair Link software to the most recent version (Corsair provided for testing purposes). Unfortunately, due to the way the Lighting Node Pro operates, it’s unable to distinguish which fans are connected to the system, so you are required to input this information yourself; please ensure you select the correct fan or the LEDs may malfunction.

The lighting software is fairly basic, in terms of customisation, only allowing all 4 LEDs to be tuned to the same colour instead of being independent, though there is a reasonable selection of effects to choose from.

Despite the relevant lack of customisation possible, the overall experience from the software is positive due to the ease of use and simplicity of the layout.

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