Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable FPS/MOBA Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-07-19
Closer Look
In the box we get the Nightsword RGB mouse, a warranty & quick start guide along with the adjustable weights, these weights are housed in a firm, rubber case to ensure that they don't go missing when not in use.

Taking a look at the Nightsword RGB from the front first of all and we get a closer look at the honeycomb textured grip that Corsair have decided to go with here, we would hazard a guess that this decision comes down to aesthetics more than functionality. When in use the Corsair logo lights up as well as a strip just underneath where your palm sits.

The left hand side of the Nightsword RGB has multiple features to call out, the same grip pattern is used on the thumb rest, and situated just above and in front of the thumb rest are the standard forward & back buttons as well as a sniper button. In line with the forward & back buttons there is a 3 stage DPI indicator and beneath that is another RGB zone.

Looking at the rear of the mouse reveals the scroll wheel which also features a textured grip similar to the other textured parts of the mouse.

The right hand side of the mouse reveals no further programmable buttons there is yet another textured grip however this time it is on a steep slope rather than a nice gradient.

Flipping the mouse on to it's back and we get a look at the 5 PTFE feet that aid the mouses movement no matter what surface you use it on. We also get a look at the door that when removed reveals the sockets for the additional weights.

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