Corsair Nightsword RGB Tunable FPS/MOBA Review

👤by Dave Worth Comments 📅03-07-19
Performance Testing
As mentioned in the introduction the main question that we're asking is does the Corsair Nightsword RGB do enough to set itself apart from it's competitors and Corsairs own recent releases.

The main call out that doesn't appear on other Corsair mice is the adjustable weight system, the patent-pending system means that you can adjust the weight from 119g to 141g. The weights that are included with the the mouse are 3x 2.8g & 3x 4.5g weights and can be inserted into the bottom of the mouse in any combination that suits. The slots are organised in a hexagonal pattern which means that as you change the locations of the weights the center of mass shifts, this can be monitored in real time within the Corsair iCUE Software.

The only issue with the software we came across was that sometimes the weight would become loose and therefore not be detected when inserting a new weight, this was easily resolved by putting the cover back in place however we found that as the door locked in place by plastic tabs, which means that there is very little give, at least at first, so you may want to keep a tool at hand to get the door open. This isn't so much of an issue if you're the kind of user who will settle on one weight and not want to change it but if you like to chop and change for different games this may be a bug bear for you. We feel that for the price that Corsair are asking for the Nightsword RGB the door could at least be held on by magnets to aid those who wish to change the weights every now and again.

Another negative that made itself apparent is that while the DPI adjustment buttons, located next to the left click button, are easily accessible the sniper button is just a tiny bit too far forward for it to be comfortable to use. This of course may not be an issue for everyone but we feel that it is definitely a point worth mentioning.

We also found that while the mouse is quite tall the right hand side of the mouse is too steep so our pinky finger wasn't able to fit to the shape of the mouse as much as we'd like, in our opinion it would be better to adopt a more similar shape, at least on the right hand side of the mouse, as the Ironclaw series.

Aside from the above the build quality is as you'd expect from any Corsair release, each button responds with a satisfying click and the scroll wheel has a slight resistance to it but not enough to make it fatiguing if used for long periods and the sensor performs well at every DPI level, though you need to have the steadiest of hands to use anything above 5,000 to 8,000.

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