Corsair ONE Pro Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅11-05-17

Corsair has moved into varying fields over the years and the portfolio has expanded to cover a huge array of hardware aside from their staple products such as memory, SSDs and coolers. So all of the ingredients are there for a full system and it’s been long overdue, but today we’ve seen the fruits of Corsair’s labour in the form of a small form factor system.

Of course building a system like this yourself would be great fun (and a good challenge) but attaining the same level of compatibility is likely to be quite out of reach. Corsair has crammed into the tiny Mini-ITX chassis a build which is at full capacity with custom modifications to cater for awkward fitment. So, ONE Pro is Ideal for gamers who want something compact, without having the fuss of building it themselves – avoiding the pitfalls which building such a tight computer system presents.

Inside ONE Pro, the configuration is laden with high-performance kit from Intel’s latest Core i7-7700K to the resilient GTX 1080. The specification is able to deliver up some impressive performance regardless of the scenario to which the system is being used in. However, we were somewhat disappointed to see just a single storage drive inside ONE Pro and while it is of the SSD variant, Corsair has chosen to use a SATA-based unit which has a 500-550MB/s bottleneck. This isn’t a huge deal but given the asking price and that M.2 NVMe is supported by the chipset, we’d have liked to see a PCI Express-based storage drive instead – worthy of the “Pro” moniker.

Throughout our testing we found ONE Pro to be both quiet and cool – the two attributes which are often difficult to attain simultaneously. The cooling design with fanless radiators and just a single cooling fan at the top clearly works well and Corsair are to be commended for this achievement.

ONE Pro arrives with the price-tag of £2199.99 in the UK and £2200.99 in the US – making it unequivocally more expensive than a DIY construction. However, (as we’ve already mentioned), this is a unique form factor and building an equivalent configuration would be no mean feat. There is also the added bonus of dealing with just one entity should any parts fail – whereas a custom build would require you to liaise with individual manufacturers regarding replacements.

ONE Pro is the next natural step for Corsair; their expertise in many varying fields has led to the creation of this impressive, unique and innovative SFF PC.

+ Small and stylish
+ Lightweight
+ Very well-designed
+ High-performance parts included
+ Offers excellent performance
+ Useful VR ports
+ Quiet and cool operation
+ Features USB 3.1 Gen2

- Expensive
- Tricky to perform upgrades
- Just two ports on the front
- Just one storage drive which is also SATA-based

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