Corsair Raptor M45 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-03-14

Having spent plenty of time with the new Raptor M45 we are left in no doubt of its capabilities.

From an aesthetic standpoint we have no qualms in approving the overall styling and design. It looks great on the desk and will combine with other peripherals too, but more importantly the materials used and general build quality is very good. By using multiple textures on the mouse, Corsair can provide the user with both comfort and improved grip.

The implementation of a weight system on this mouse is ingenious and it helps to deliver even more customisation into the hands of the user. With other products you are generally stuck with the mouse being too light or too heavy but with M45 there are three different weights to choose from (5g each – weight 4g and screw 1.5g).

Aimed at FPS gamers, M45 works well in this particular arena. We especially like the idea of having a “Sniper” sensitivity option for those who engage in such activities. Although our mouse tracks and glides extremely well on cloth/smooth pads, we did find it struggling to operate properly on hardened surfaces that have a slight reflection. This could be an issue for a number of gamers and is therefore reflected in the award we have given M45. Although it missed out on gold, it achieves a strong silver.

M45 can be found for approximately £44.99 GBP / $59.99 USD and we believe this to be a reasonable price for what’s on offer. Around this price-range there are quite a few gaming mice with similar features but which lack a customisable weight system or the varied surface textures.

The Raptor M45 is another brilliant creation for Corsair, which clearly shows why they have success in whichever market they enter. M45 is reasonably priced and arrives with plenty of features and customisation which will satisfy the casual and avid gamer.

+ Aesthetically pleasing
+ Reasonably priced
+ Performs great on cloth pads
+ Great materials & build quality
+ Comfortable after long periods
+ Customisable software
+ On-the-fly DPI switch
+ Customisable weight system

- Right handed only
- Struggles to track on textured surfaces

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