👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅08-04-21
Closer Look

CORSAIR have opted for a relatively large design for the SABRE PRO series rather than the compact dimensions of the KATAR PRO XT and many mice competing in the lightweight space.

So it’s a surprise when you lift it for the first time. The MX518 is over 100g, the Deathadder v2 sits at around 83g, so the SABRE RGB PRO’s 74g is light as a feather by comparison. We wouldn’t put it in the ultra-lightweight category - mice probably need to be under 65g to really qualify - but it’s almost certainly one of the least dense mice we’ve had our hands on.

Left and right mouse buttons are slightly concave (saddle-shaped), and contoured to your fingertips. The centrally located wheel is illuminated, and a button below it (the lower of the two rectangular shapes) acts as the DPI selector. CORSAIR’s logo is also illuminated in full RGB.

Suitably located thumb buttons are slightly larger than expected with a pronounced separation. A DPI indicator (3 recessed bars which can be illuminated to indicate one of 5 different DPI stages) is just forward of that point. The thumb rest location just below the side buttons is gently contoured inwards.

The right of the mouse is plain apart from glossy trim that mirrors the left. Its little finger rest area is angled out rather than in, making the mouse slightly less easy to lift than the KATAR PRO.

The floor of the mouse serves as one large label of product information (including PN and SN) while the sensor is located almost exactly under the DPI button (slightly forward of centre). Four PTFE triangular glide pads provide a low-friction glide surface. A further oval pad around the sensor helps to prevent the alcove edges from catching on fabric mousing surfaces.

And finally, the front is aggressive with an almost radiator grill effect at the base. Its cable entry point into the chassis has been reinforced for long-term durability, and the soft braided cable should prevent drag or lateral force caused by inherent rigidity.
Overall the mouse’s size belies its light weight. A matte plastic exterior should be plenty durable enough for regular day-to-day use over years. First impressions are definitely positive.

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