Corsair Sabre RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅29-05-16
Packaging & First Look

The packaging is easily identifiable as a Corsair product with the black and yellow colours standing out. The front face features a picture of the product and a few of the key features relating to it.

The front of the packaging opens up allowing for a good look at the product inside, on the inside face, there is information about the 4 zone customisable lighting, 3 of which can be synced with effects (front, wheel and logo) and side lighting can be customised to represent the 5 on-board profiles.

At the rear, there is a diagram detailing key points about the product in various languages. This mouse states that the design is good for claw grips.

The bundle is rather light, including just the guide and warranty information, would be nice to see some Corsair stickers.

The Sabre RGB mouse has a 1.8m long braided cable that is fixed to the mouse by a firm extension, this prevents the cable from dragging on your surface directly in front of the mouse as this can create a little drag. As with the logo change, the bright yellow detailing from the USB connector seen on previous Corsair products has been replaced by a more neutral grey colour.

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