Corsair Sabre RGB Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅29-05-16

Corsair's envisioning of the Sabre RGB seems rather reasonable, taking a fairly reliable recipe in regards to a fast paced gaming mouse (such as 1000Hz polling, lightweight, with an optical sensor) and put their own spin on it. The overall performance is good and responsive, but as a 10K DPI mouse, it feels somewhat strained and so should be taken with a pinch of salt. As noted in other Corsair mice, there tends to be a small amount of jitter at the higher resolutions.

Gamers are increasingly basing their purchase decisions on the sensor used in a gaming mouse and in the optical realm, there are few that doubt the Pixart 3310. The sensor used in the previous Sabre RGB is assumed to be the pricer s3988 and it seems reasonable to assume that the 10K sensor used here is the s3989 (as seen in the Razer Deathadder Chroma). This choice seems to be chasing paper performance or DPI gains rather than the reliability that gamers will appreciate more.

The construction is solid and is made from good quality materials, using the ubiquitous Omron switches. Generally, it is comfortable to hold, however, we have to consider that this mouse is not quite ideal in regards to its shape. The right side grip area, while not uncomfortable, may become a distraction as it doesn't feel natural for any grip type. The Sabre RGB isn't ambidextrous either, a common trait for mice in this category.

Corsair have priced the Sabre RGB rather competitively and so it will find its place amongst gamers, though it is hard to deny that there are some fantastic gaming mice out there that it has to fend off.

The Sabre RGB has great build quality and is ideal for those that want a lightweight mouse for face paced gaming.

+ Lightweight
+ Solid construction
+ 8 programmable buttons
+ Good RGB lighting
+ Responsive optical sensor

- Not ambidextrous/ unrefined shape
- Not great for varied surfaces
- A little jittery at high resolution
- Against strong competition

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