Corsair STRAFE Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-08-15

Product on Review: Corsair Gaming STRAFE
Manufacturer: Corsair
Price: UK: 100.98 US: $100.98

Corsair have long been a brand that represented reliability and quality in the world of custom PC modding and their gaming peripheral division, too, has become one that holds up their position too. Though there has been changes in branding (such as Vengeance and Corsair Gaming), it seems that Corsair have made the 'gaming' part has taken a step back with a return of those trusty sails and no tribal cutlasses to be seen anywhere on their latest STRAFE line up as opposed to what we saw in our last outing with the K70 RGB.

The STRAFE series is an interesting move by Corsair as it doesn't look set to replace the previous series, rather compliment it with a slightly cheaper alternative. Some may prefer the sleek look of the brushed aluminium faceplate you can find on the K-- series, but with a stronger emphasis towards 'GAMERS' (such a subjective term), we find per-key back lighting and dynamic effects, completely programmable keys and 100% anti-ghosting. Corsair also stress that they only use Cherry MX mechanical switches as opposed to some competitors, the STRAFE comes in Red and Brown flavours while the STRAFE RGB additionally comes with the exclusive option for Cherry MX 'Silent' switches.

Overview by Corsair
The Corsair Gaming STRAFE is the newest addition to our line-up of keyboard peripherals. After 20 years of pushing the limits of innovation, Corsair Gaming takes the power of Cherry MX German engineering one step further. With the simple goal of delivering pro-proven mechanical performance paired with outrageous customization options, STRAFE will enable your skills to reach their full potential. Brilliant backlighting is enhanced with virtually unlimited dynamic lighting configurations craft your own, or choose from six unique presets. Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical keys deliver the ultimate competitive advantage. Rated for an industry-leading 50 million key presses, they guarantee a lifetime of consistent comfortable response.

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