Corsair Vengeance LED 32GB DDR4 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10-08-16

Having reviewed many Corsair memory kits throughout the generations of DDR2, DDR3 and now DDR4 and always been impressed, the trend continues with the latest Vengeance LED kit.

Taking Vengeance LED on looks alone, we have a decidedly classy piece of kit which will likely pair up and coordinate very well with a huge lineup of other hardware – making it easy to construct your perfect theme. Vengeance LED is also available in a range of different coloured LEDs, so if for example you are looking for hardware to construct an all-red design then the red LED option would be ideal.

Putting Vengeance LED through a series of benchmarks reveals a strong product. The kit we’ve looked at today offers a capacity of 32GB, a frequency of 3200MHz and CAS timings of 16-18-18-36. Against other, previously reviewed DDR4 kits this Vengeance LED offering performed well, but some 3000MHz kits did pull ahead due to their lower CAS timings. Overall though, you won’t be disappointed by the transfer rates on offer for a wide-range of applications.

The kit we’ve looked at today (32GB 3200MHz) arrives with a price-tag of UK: £209.99, US: $209.99. A quick cross-reference of current prices puts this Vengeance LED kit in a good place. There are a few kits of similar specification for slightly less but the obvious selling point is the LED functionality. If you’re someone who likes the ambience that LEDs will provide your system with, then this new series has its relevance.

Looking for some reliable, high-performance DDR4 which will transform the look and feel of your system? Vengeance LED has the style AND the substance.

+ Stylish looking design
+ Available with different coloured LEDs
+ Offer great performance
+ Overclock reasonably well

- Height could conflict with some CPU coolers!

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