COUGAR 600K Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅28-04-15

Product on Review: 600K Gaming Keyboard
Manufacturer: COUGAR
Street Price: £75 GBP / $129.99 USD

Coming to the end of December 2014 we were delighted by the stylish aesthetics and the quality aluminium structure that the COUGAR 700K delivered upon. Enter the COUGAR 600K, following in the footsteps of it's older brother and filling the gap from the 500K. Given what COUGAR has produced with this keyboard it delivers a perfect balance between price, features, looks, and construction.

Holding the middle-ground within it's product line-up the 600K comes equipped with Cherry MX switches, a detachable wrist rest, LED backlighting, and an aluminium strengthened backplate. Glancing upon the 600K at first sight, the similarities between the 700k are quite understandable, it's essentially a cut-down version in both size and features.

Overview by COUGAR
The COUGAR 600K is the best keyboard for those people who want a NKRO mechanical keyboard but do not need any of the additional functions that other high end keyboards usually come with. Only the standard keys plus some core handy functions that don’t get in the way.

All of this in an award-winning aluminum design inspired by the geometrical shapes of stealth warships’ silhouettes. No macros, no remappings, no setups. Just you and the highest quality keyboard available on the market.

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