COUGAR 600K Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅28-04-15
Closer Look
Packed adequately in a foam padded box protecting all aspects of the keyboard, it's always pleasing to see manufacturers plan ahead for all purposes. Whether that's in the opening of the package itself, or the transportation methods it may undergo when being shipped to consumers.

Sectioned in two for both the keyboard and it's wrist rest, with additional items resting on top, it's fair to say the packaging is quite prestine, one that's appreciated. Displayed on the front of it's packaging sits an image of the keyboard advertised with key features that gamers are certain to take notice off, as well to putting to good use. Bundled with the 600K owners will receive an instruction manual, a detachable wrist rest, and a COUGAR sticker sheet.

Right off the bat the most noticeable aspects of the 600K reside within it's simple yet classy finish. Sitting under the keys is an aluminium backplate and while it speaks visually in both style and attraction, it's best put into words as expensive, sleek, and "Boss". Despite being the mid-tier warrior amongst it's product line-up, the compact styling of the 600K makes it arguably more appealing then the 700K. Supporting N-Key rollover, COUGAR makes it very apparent on the 600K's packaging that it can execute unlimited simultaneous presses.

While the 600K is available in a selection of switches from red, brown, black, and blue, the model on-hand comes equipped with blue switches. This is good news for those who are fond of the signature "Clicky" sound. Adopting the QWERTY layout design, which is considered to be quite standard to most, the 600K drops the feature of additional macros keys in order to make up for it's compact size.

There are however a selection multimedia keys as well as Windows-lock, LED backlighting control, and the adjustable repeat rate functions. Given a selection of 1x up to 8x split between four separate keys, the repeat rate function allows for a quick speed adjustment of keys that are pressed repeatedly. COUGAR states that this is helpful for certain games, whereby pressing a specific key that is most commonly used, is likely to aid in the speed of it's execution.

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