COUGAR 600K Review

👤by Kurtis Simpson Comments 📅28-04-15
Software & Performance
Unlike the 700K and various products within COUGAR's gaming mice, the 600K doesn't support any feature from the company's UIX software. While this may seem limiting in what owners can do with the keyboard in terms of on-screen functionality, this isn't something the keyboard's actually catered towards.

In making use of the essentials and doing away with the additional functions of the 700K. Where COUGAR succeeds in this on both a marketing standpoint as well as use-case scenario, is that it delivers on what certain gamers actually want. No macros, no setups, no key remappings, just plug and play.

Should gamers desire the additional features, COUGAR makes up for this on the 700K, and since some people don't actually use or want the extras in many cases, this was clearly a smart move on COUGAR's part.

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