COUGAR 700M Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅05-09-14

Product on Review: 700M Laser Gaming Mouse
Manufacturer: Cougar
Street Price: £70 GBP / $85 USD

It’s been a while since we reviewed any COUGAR products at Vortez and yet over the last 12 months they have been steadily pushing the boundaries in a number of new markets for this seven year old company. Stepping into gaming peripherals appears to be a familiar venture for technology brands wanting to broaden their portfolios and COUGAR aren’t holding back in this arena.

Today we will be taking a look at COUGAR’s 700M – a professional laser gaming mouse with more customisation than you can throw a hat at. This flexible gaming mouse allows the user to customise button assignment, the weight system, palm grip and grip height to expand favourability and after an initial look we’re filled with anticipation, so without further delay let’s take a look at this exciting new peripheral.

COUGAR on their 700M
COUGAR 700M is an adjustable gaming mouse which is dedicated to professional gamers.
With the design strategy, “Framing Structure”, the parts and components are built on a simply folded aluminium chassis; which provides better product strength.

The arched frame supports the palm ergonomically, and it’s an adjustable and interchangeable palm rest module. The standard palm rest module can be replaced with a “Sport Mode” version provided.

The sniper button is designed with a 45 degree angle activation, to provide a quick access, better stability and more precise aiming during game play.

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