Cougar Attack X3 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-04-17
Closer Look (Continued)
The underside of the keyboard houses two rubber feet, which elevate the top end of the keyboard by 11mm (from 28mm to 39mm). The front of the keyboard also appears to have the provisions for feet or a wrist-wrest, but neither of those have been supplied.

The RGB lighting is brilliant, the key caps look fantastic when lit up. The effects that can be set up using the UiX software are gorgeous, our favourite was the "Rain" effect, showering down random colours at an angle from top to bottom. The scope to change the effects and colours is almost infinite; within the software you can control each key completely independent of each other, with effects or colours.

The half-height Return key is a weird choice, making this vital key more difficult to use.

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