Cougar Attack X3 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-04-17
Cougar have set out to produce the best gaming peripherals on the market, but they've forgotten some major points with the Cougar Attack X3 RGB; mainly the lack of an included wrist support, poor Cougar UiX software, the half-height return key and the lack of a UK layout.

The lighting and effects are brilliant, allowing users to match any colour scheme they like. The software can be tricky to set up, but once done, the aluminium faceplate and bold font show off the RGB lights to their full extent.

The pricing of this keyboard seems a little out of touch, with other, better established manufacturers offering strong contenders for less money. For 124, I would expect a wrist support, a well-polished software package and dedicated media keys.

A complete lack of USB-passthrough also hurts the appeal of this keyboard, being especially useful for mice and headsets with shorter cables.

Cougar have made a good effort with this keyboard, but there are several missed opportunities which we feel should've been included at this price point.

+ Sturdy construction
+ Bright, customisable RGB lighting
+ Cherry MX Red switches
+ Clear key font (with or without backlighting)

- Lack of wrist support
- Poor Cougar UiX software
- Only available in US layout
- No USB passthrough
- No dedicated media keys
- Half height Return Key

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