Cougar Attack X3 RGB Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅18-04-17

Product on Review: Cougar Attack X3 RGB
Manufacturer: Cougar
Street Price: 124.00 / $109.99

RGB mechanical keyboards are quickly becoming popular amongst the gaming community, allowing the user a responsive and reliable keyboard, in keeping with their chosen colour scheme.

German gaming hardware manufacturer, Cougar, are relatively new to the world of gaming, being founded in 2007, but their short history brings with it a string of awards, including the prestigious iF Product Design Awards 2014. Cougar claim to involve pro gamers in every stage of development, to ensure the product meets the needs of the market as closely as possible.

We've previously reviewed Cougar products here at Vortez; they acquired huge praise, being awarded the Vortez Gold and Vortez Amazing Value badges. Obviously, with the previous success from Cougar, we have high expectations of the Cougar Attack X3 RGB.

The keyboard in for review today certainly promises a lot, with mechanical Cherry MX red switches, RGB backlighting, N-Key rollover, and a brushed aluminium face plate.

Cougar on their Attack X3 RGB:
Aluminium face-plate is not only elegant but also durable! The RGB backlights looks more glorious with the aluminium face-plate reflection. It also provides the user with more efficient typing, not to mention a sturdy and strong structural foundation.

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