Cougar IMMERSA PRO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-11-17

Product on Review: Cougar IMMERSA PRO
Manufacturer: Cougar
Street Price: UK: £69.95, US: $89.95

About this time last year, we were blown away with the great performance and value of the Cougar IMMERSA headset, and now the IMMERSA PRO comes back with the intent on doing the same once again.

We see the return of the suspension style headset set with a burning orange aesthetic and its comfortable extra-large marshmallow like earpads. This time, audio is handled by the powerful 50mm drivers instead of the 40mm drivers used in the analogue version and we will find various new additions to the IMMERSA PRO come courtesy of a USB soundcard dongle. The soundcard itself provides up to 16bit/96KHz audio while powering customisable RGB LED lighting, an LED microphone mute indicator, and of course virtual surround. Another feature we enjoy here at Vortez, is integrated controls on the headset itself thus doing away with an in-line remote. This appears in the form of metallic, diamond cut dials on each side, one for mute and one for volume. As a finishing touch, Cougar have implmented a semi-modular cable attachment, allowing you to replace the USB connector for an analogue 3.5mm 4pole jack, ensuring compatibility with games consoles, mobiles devices and more.

Overview by Cougar
Immersa Pro is the definitive gaming headset. Its 7.1 Virtual Surround audio allows you to become truly immersed in the heat of battle, hearing your enemies’ steps while they approach you to meet their defeat. With fully customizable RGB backlight and various lighting modes, you are the center of attention! Besides, there are plenty of options with an impressive and comfortable design that awaits you!

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