Cougar IMMERSA PRO Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅14-11-17

When we first looked at the Cougar IMMERSA, we were impressed with its price/performance, though at this price point, it is much more difficult to see if the IMMERSA PRO can attract the attention it deserves. The 70 mark is where you will find many of the market leaders and while the Cougar IMMERSA PRO can easily trade blows with them regarding the long lasting comfort, and its rich, bassy audio, the orange aesthetic isn't to everyone's taste. We feel that a more neutral overall (white/black/grey) aesthetic would likely appeal to a broader audience, especially considering the inclusion of RGB LED lighting which can be customised. That being said, we very much like the aesthetic, and we are sure that others will too.

In our testing, we found that this is one headset that doesn't skimp on precise, good quality bass, something that for many gamers is a must. Though there are some things that could be better. Firstly, the volume dial in our sample felt a little too stiff, and lacked the kind of smoothness we would want/expect from on-the-fly volume adjustments, and we hope that this is something that Cougar can address.

If you are looking for a surround headset, we felt that the virtual 7.1 mode here was a little interesting, firstly because the audio didn't noticeably change that much, but maybe that is a good thing, especially since we found that it provided good spatial awareness anyway. This was a nice break from the virtual 7.1 surround modes some other headsets have where the audio will be artificially widened due to a sickening amount of reverb added. Finally, for those looking for a headset which can perform on multiple fronts, we particularly liked that Cougar have given us the tools needed to be able to use the IMMERSA PRO with any gaming system due to the included 3.5mm jack adaptor.

Make no mistake, its beastly audio can give brilliant depth and immersion to your games. So if you like the aesthetic, and are looking for an alternative headset, keep your eye out for the IMMERSA PRO.

+ Comfortable
+ Large earpads (good passive noise cancellation)
+ Included 3.5mm 4pole jack adaptor (cross platform versatility)
+ Good, clear audio with deep bass
+ Easy to access on-headset controls
+ Noise cancelling retractable mic (with mute LED)
+ Attractive, RGB lighting
+ Relatively wide soundstage

+- The orange aesthetic isn't for everybody

- Volume control is a little stiff

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