👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅05-09-16

Product on Review: COUGAR IMMERSA gaming headset
Manufacturer: COUGAR
Street Price: UK: £39.99, US: $46.99

COUGAR have been a brand to watch for a while, offering high quality gaming peripherals backed by their impressive UIX unified software driver, so we were excited to hear about a new line of headsets. The IMMERSA, off-the-bat looks like it has remixed the suspension headband design as seen used by many other brands, and with its huge earpads it almost resembles the Siberia 800.

The main selling points found in the IMMERSA headset would be its lightweight design, the large omni-directional earpads for comfort and noise isolation, a retractable microphone, 40mm neodymium drivers, and versatility courtesy of a 4 pole connection and included splitter. At this point you could be forgiven for overlooking the price, something that even we had to look twice at due to the premium appeal and presentation.

Overview by COUGAR
Endowed with advanced 40mm Neodymium magnet drivers available on the market and the ability to produce high quality stereo sound with excellent bass and treble performance. IMMERSA will allow you to fully immerse yourself in gaming or delight your ears with crystal clear music, while its big ear pads will provide isolation from external noise.

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