Cougar Revenger Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-10-16
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
The Revenger is what I would call an ideal weight at 110g, not super light, nor too heavy. The finished surface looks and feels fantastic in your hand and the subtle ergonomics ensures comfort for palm and claw grips. The mouse is light enough for finger tippers, but considering its size it may not be suited for it. Though this mouse is not 'ambidextrous', nor is it sold as such, I found that it felt pretty decent in my left hand and while it may not replace a truly ambidextrous design, I would say that it is certainly usable without any major problem.

The main clicks feel fantastic, much lighter than the heavy clicks experienced on the 500M, and the mouse wheel feels solid and has a smooth, yet tactile rotation. The side buttons also feel great to press, positioned perfectly for both palm and claw grips, likely a convenient by-product of their size.

The Bunker Bungee feels well built and once you position on your desk and press the vacuum lever down, it remains solid in place, not moving once. It is flexible enough to prevent any tugging or unexpected drag after some frantic movement. It isn't quite the same feeling as a wireless mouse but nearly, it certainly does enhance the feeling of freedom on the mouse mat where sometimes you would sense the cable knocking into other things. We enjoyed using it, though it doesn't seem like an essential thing. Though considering how inexpensive and versatile it is (as it can be used with most wired mice), the Bunker is something that could make a huge difference for some.

Setting the DPI to its maximum 12,000, we found the tracking to be a touch jittery, but is mostly under control. It tracked perfectly on black fabric mouse mat, glossy desk veneer, plain cardboard, glossy coloured magazine, white paper and pretty much everything else we threw at it. At more reasonable settings for gaming, the sensor performed flawlessly. Responsive, snappy and precise. Whether in a FPS like CS:GO or MOBA like DOTA2, the Revenger filled each session with confidence and almost intuitive accuracy.

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