Creative iRoar Go Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-11-16

Product on Review: Creative iRoar Go
Manufacturer: Creative
Street Price: UK: £159 US: $199

The Roar PWS (portable wireless speaker), has firmly been cemented in the market and has become a well loved product. Many consider it to be the perfect all-rounder, and has often been dubbed as the Swiss Army knife of wireless speakers due to its versatility and inclusive nature. Early criticisms fell to its size and mass, Creative then presented the Roar 2 which is 20% smaller by volume, and 100g lighter than its predecessor. Next in line came the Roar Pro, sharing many similarities with the original Roar, but features an improved battery/lifespan, the advanced aptX low latency codec and support for the iRoar mic, allowing it to become a good quality portable PA or karaoke machine. In our most recent outing, we felt the power of the iRoar, along with the companion subwoofer dock, the iRoar Rock. The self-titled 'most intelligent speaker on the planet', is undisputed and it sits as current primo of the Roar series. Despite delivering just about everything you could ever want from a speaker, the iRoar doesn't quite have it all; its still rather large and heavy, and it isn't weather proof.

The iRoar Go addresses that, coming in 25% lighter and 40% smaller than the iRoar, it is the most portable Roar speaker yet. Adding to that, it has an IPX6 protection rating, meaning that it is sealed against dust, and has a waterproof rating to the equivalent of being jet-blasted from all angles for 3minutes and should not show any signs of seepage, or failure. This means less concern on those poolside, or seaside trips, still be sure not drop it in the toilet or the ocean. Despite these changes, the iRoar Go still features that fantastic bi-amplified 2.1 design and versatile connectivity. To control the iRoar Go, Creative have developed a supporting desktop and mobile app (Sound Blaster Connect) that gives advanced controls and features.

Overview by Creative
Your audio experience comes alive with depth and immersion that makes you appreciate the aural wonders of SuperWide™ technology. It delivers a sound stage so wide that you won't believe it's coming from this little speaker. Just like its bigger counterparts, the iRoar Go has wireless capabilities, and it multi-tasks as a built-in MP3/FLAC player, voice recorder, Bluetooth speakerphone, an external USB Sound Blaster sound card and a battery bank. Don't let its size fool you, for the iRoar Go is a fearless speaker that's not afraid of water. It is water-resistant with an IPX6 rating so no splashes can spoil your fun.

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