Creative iRoar Go Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-11-16
Packaging & First Look

The packaging clearly shows off the main feature of the iRoar Go, that it is a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. It also gives a special mention to the new super wide technology.

At the back there is an overview of all the features with additional translations in French and German.

As with all the Roar series, the iRoar comes with a multi-power adaptor which is great because not only is it convenient for cross-border sales, but it means if you travel, you will likely have the adaptor you need across many parts of the world. Also included is a microphone adaptor enabling the iRoar Go to be used as a portable PA device, or for singing, as well as a 1.8m USB-microUSB cable. Again it is a shame that there is no carry case included, even a simple nylon bag would be appreciated.

The iRoar Go is the smallest we have seen in the Roar series yet. This extra space may come from lighter drivers, smaller dimensions, and the smaller, more efficient battery (5300mah vs 6000mah). And so there is a narrower control zone with buttons and indicator lights. The iRoar Go is black with silver trims and looks as robust as it does elegant. The buttons and connections all have rubber seals to prevent water seepage to the electronics. Because of the nature of this product, in which there are direct openings to the electronics, it would be very difficult to achieve IPX7 rating (fully submersible) without doing away with much of the features and versatility the Roar provides. Who knows, maybe Creative may make an ultra durable IPX7 rated iRoar that only features nfc/Bluetooth connectivity... maybe that could call it the 'iRoar RAW'...

Here you can get a better visual idea of the relative size of the iRoar Go, which is around 25% smaller than the iRoar by volume. Its 54 x 192 x 97 (mm) dimensions makes it approximately the size of a lady's large purse.

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