Creative iRoar Go Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-11-16

The software in either its mobile or desktop iterations both seemed to have problems getting started at first, mostly as they are unsure if the device/system was connected to the iRoar Go. To fix this, I powered the iRoar Go off then restarted, all good. Unlike the iRoar, which has several different apps available, the Sound Blaster Connect app for the iRoar Go seems to have a more unified control including access to stored media on the SD card/USB drive. It gives complete control over the EQ as well as the various Sound Blaster technologies and DSP (digital signal processing). Overall the GUI is easy to navigate and much more fun and contemporary than the aging Sound Blaster suites found on their soundcards. This focus integrating more controls via smart devices is likely enabled by the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, as part of the IOT (Internet of Things). This balanced focus on hardware/software technology that reveals their in-house aptitude with audio technology seems to put them at a huge advantage against competitors that may not quite have the same level of technological integration as others may have to rely on various third parties to deliver similar features, thus decreasing the reliability and increasing costs.

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