Creative iRoar Go Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30-11-16

The iRoar Go is a much needed addition to the Roar series of Bluetooth speakers and from our testing, readers can be confident that they will get the fantastic full fledged Roar sound experience in a lighter, more compact shell that can withstand rough weather and debris. So whether you are reporting in a hurricane, or simply want that great audio while on your trip to the beach, the iRoar Go is the one to take with you.

The iRoar retains that famous versatility as it is able to accept various audio sources (may as well mention that is does support the PS4 too) and there is little missing from the repertoire that people would trade for the convenience and peace of mind that IPX6 rating provides.

Creative are clearly moving from strength to strength and the tighter integration of smart controls via the Sound Blaster Connect app looks set to open up more possibilities in future. In fact, there are very few downsides to consider with the iRoar Go. If we overlook things such as the obstructive rubber IO flaps, which are there for good reason, the only real mentions are things that is doesn't have. The most notable thing I can think of which could cause an inconvenience is that it doesn't charge via the micro USB connection. This means, if you are using it via PC/Mac/PS4, you will also need to plug in the power cable. As with all before it bar the iRoar, it doesn't come with a carry bag, the added value of providing a simple nylon carry/storage bag would please many people.

In regards to the features I would love to see on a future Roar product, it would be great to see Creative include a headphone amp which allows people to get the most out of that DSP. Combining the might of the Sound Blaster X7 with the iRoar... that would be a match made in heaven!

The iRoar Go is the smallest and most portable speaker in the Roar series, yet doesn't compromise on its versatility and powerful sound. The IPX6 rating will provide that essential peace of mind when you are by the pool, seaside, or are simply having a BBQ during the British summer.

+ Smallest/lightest Roar yet
+ Flac support
+ IPX6 Dust and Splash proof
+ Good quality, room filling audio
+ Bluetooth (NFC), SD card/USB drive, USB (PC/Mac/PS4) and AUX playback.
+ Auto Terabass
+ Built in microphone/voice recording
+ Includes microphone adaptor
+ Sound Blaster Connect app for Windows, Android, and iOS
+ Power out for mobile charging

- No included carry bag
- Doesn't charge via micro USB
- Not compatible with iRoar microphone

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