Creative iRoar + iRoar Rock Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-09-16

Product on Review: Creative iRoar and iRoar Rock
Manufacturer: Creative
Street Price: UK: 299/ 129 US: $369/ $149
Also available as a bundle

Building on the legacy of the Roar portable wireless speaker, it was inevitable the Creative will push the boundaries and technology to deliver a premium device. That device features a built in SB-Axx1 audio processor, an expanded NFC ring, a 50% larger battery, an optical output, touch controls oh and is 'twice as loud' as the original Roar!

Aside from being a fantastic portable wireless speaker, Creative have gone to the next-level regarding user interface. The only hard controls featured on the iRoar is the power/pair button, as well as a shuffle/loop switch, all other commands are touch controls that light up when needed. To compliment that, There is an LED display for battery life, volume level and mode indicator. Creative have released a SDK available for people to create custom Apps and add-ons.

For that little extra thumping power, the iRoar can be docked in an iRoar Rock. The iRoar Rock is a 3.75" sub-woofer that expands the audio presence into a powerhouse of a sound system while fast-charging the iRoar. More interestingly Creative have more planned for the future in regards to companion devices for the iRoar and are working on a DDK (Docking Development Kit), potentially making the 'most intelligent speaker on the planet' also one of the most expandable and customisable.

Overview by Creative
Creative iRoar is designed to empower you with the best audio performance beyond its size. Smart and powerful, the legacy continues with a new take on its predecessor, the Sound Blaster Roar. Clean and accurate, your audio experience will be so refined like no other.

Designed to unleash the full potential of the iRoar (sold separately), the Creative iRoar Rock is a powerful docking subwoofer that is part of the iRoar Ecosystem. Get more out of your audio when you dock the iRoar via the Docking Expansion Port. This feature further extends and enhances the mid-range, bass and surround performance of the iRoar. Quick and simple, the iRoar Rock also acts as a wireless charging solution for the iRoar without any fuss.

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