Creative iRoar + iRoar Rock Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-09-16

When we first had a look at the Creative Roar, we were excited by the direction wireless audio devices were moving towards. The iRoar and iRoar Rock prove that the vision and direction was far greater than we anticipated. Alone, the iRoar is in the upper echelon of portable wireless speakers considering its clarity and loudness. The claim of being 'the most intelligent portable wireless speaker on the planet' is certainly warranted and solidified by having a built-in, in-house developed and designed SB-Axx1 DSP and then backed up by the fantastic software support.

If we look at the iRoar objectively, it could be deemed as rather expensive as its MSRP is 299 (currently on sale for 204!). This is definitely targeting the higher end market. For that price you get double the loudness of the original Roar, crisp, high quality playback and a multitude of controls. It has a huge 9000mAh battery that lasts up to 20hours and we even find an optical-in port. The iRoar much like the Roar Pro, features AptX LL, the latest low-latency, high definition, wireless, stereo codec. It is also compatible with the iRoar Mic (with expanded features compared to the Roar Pro), should you wish to use the iRoar as a portable PA system or even a karaoke system. You can record music or voice (singing or conversations) to a microSD card... a bit like what cassette tapes could do...

For the finale, you can pair the iRoar with the iRoar Rock docking sub-woofer. Though it is an additional 129, that price falls in significance towards the overall cost of the iRoar, and the gains that it provides, and so seems like a worth-while investment should you choose to grab the iRoar. The outright audio quality and presence is staggering and can easily become a primary audio output source for any multi-media setup, or even, for what could a be a ridiculously good home-entertainment system, pair up two of them via the megastereo cable. (It is a shame that the iRoar can't communicate to itself wirelessly, but cables are significantly more reliable in regards to latency still)

The certainty here is that the iRoar and iRoar Rock create an awesome audio experience that is laced with contemporary high-tech innovations. We love it and can't wait to see what's next. (Waterproofing pls?)

Creative demonstrate a clear vision with the iRoar and its use of smart technology to enable a deeper and more intricate level of control. The addition of the iRoar Rock transforms the highly capable portable speaker into a legitimate home audio system. If you consider the extended possibility of adding yet another iRoar (and iRock??) into the mix via the megastereo cable, I would imagine the results to be nothing short of mind blowing!

+ Sleek design
+ Built in Creative SB-Axx1 processor
+ Sounds like a louder, better Roar (In other words, AWESOME)
+ The most powerful Roar to date
+ Playback via Bluetooth, 3.5mm line-in, microSD, optical, USB- PC/Mac
+ Huge 9000mAh battery, 20hr lifespan
+ Compatible with iRoar Mic
+ Improved NFC zone
+ Includes a carry bag
+ Customisable add-ons
+ Various supporting apps for Windows, Android, and iOS
+ Available SDK for custom apps and companion hardware* (*coming soon)

iRoar Rock
+ Transforms the iRoar into a legit sound system
+ Smooth, yet thunderously powerful bass
+ Fast charges the iRoar
+ Relatively cheap considering the gains

- Doesn't include the megastereo cable

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