Creative MUVO 2C Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅02-09-17
Packaging & Product

The MUVO C2 is packed in a crystal plastic container, with the said product itself in clear view. The base of the packaging gives some information about the product and its features including its connectivity and the IP66 weather proofing.

The MUVO 2C itself is available in 8 colours, (Black, pink, red, orange, blue, Teal, purple and green), here we have the Teal version. It measures a mini 67.0 x 93.0 x 38.0 mm, and weighs just 159g. The front is completely made up of metal mesh with the Creative logo adorned across it, sitting behind the mesh front is the 1.5" speaker driver.

The reverse side has a large passive sub-woofer (approximately 35 x 60mm), which will help add a deeper bass.

There is a silicone flap that prevents water and dust from entering the I/O ports. On opening the flap, we find 3.5mm port for analogue connection, a mini SD card slot, and a microUSB port for charging/USB connection.

The buttons and indicators along the top are also silicone covered, we find a power button alongside a power LED indicator, a Bluetooth pairing button, a mode button (multi-function) alongside a mode LED indicator, as well as volume up/down buttons.

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