Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-10-15
Packaging & First Look

The packaging is great quality, and nestles the speaker on a bed of velvet highlighting the main selling points, it is smaller, lighter and arguably sexier than its predecessor.

Underneath we get the back story about the Roar 2 and a list of all its features.

Inside, the accessories are very similar to the previous Roar, featuring the customary guide book, a power adaptor with two fittings, in this case we get the UK and CE plug adaptors, as well as a USB to microUSB cable which can be used to either connect the Roar 2 to your PC or to your phone.

The Roar 2 wireless speaker. First impressions are of less meshed area, this would be due to the new design which fires all speaks up vertically, whereas previously the stereo drivers fired forwards, while the subwoofer fired vertically. This design does however mean that it can now be orientated on its front face too.

We also get to take a look at the Carry Bag for the Roar 2 also, available from the Creative shop. The Roar 2 fits perfectly inside the neoprene bag and the padding is durable enough to afford light protection on the go. There are two sized straps included, one for over the shoulder and one for hand carry. To put the Roar inside is akin to choking a frog and there is no zip or velcro to fasten, the design makes it snugly fit around the speaker. The carry bag is stretchy and can be turned inside out if you want to change to a lighter colour. Unfortunately there isn't a mesh carry bag like what was available with the original Roar, which allowed for use without having to remove it from the bag, there is however a protective silione case available in 6 colours.

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