Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-10-15
Closer Look

We have the white version of the Roar 2, also available in black. It does away with the soft rubberised textured coating seen on the previous version and is noticeably smaller in size.

At each side is a passive radiator, which helps create a wider soundstage.

The button arrangement on the top is more streamlined, yet keeps the charging, pairing LED indicators from before, with the NFC position on the right hand side.

The arrangement of controls is similar to the original, this time however, the Tera bass button doubles as the Tera bass/Roar button, selecting Tera bass first. The Roar 2 is also missing the security lock key, a feature which victims of blue-jacking may very well want.

On the left and side, there is, power in, aux-in, USB DC out, microUSB and a micro SD card slot. There is no mention of the Roar 2 being compatible with the megastereo cable.

Moving over to the control panel section, there is a media select key (USB or storage), the Roar/Tera Bass button, the built in play/pause and skip buttons as well as the microphone/voice recoring controls.

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