Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅11-10-15

The Creative ROAR originally came in to contend with the top flight of wireless speakers and you could arguably say it did so in terms of features and performance at a great price (currently retailing for 129). The Roar 2, takes this same recipe and cuts it down in size, improving its portability and versatility. This is a win-win.

Visually, and materialistically, the Roar 2 is a touch superior to the original ROAR. The layout and buttons too are improved, it does away with some arguably needless features like the security lock and combines the ROAR and Tera bass modes into a single button. It seems like a shame that there hasn't been a direct improvement to any existing features such as the battery life being rated for the same 8 hours with the same 6000mAh battery. This is no reason to overlook what the Roar 2 contains in its vast repertoire of features and the great value it provides.

The audio quality is outstanding for this type of product, though it could be argued in terms of raw performance and value it is beaten by the original ROAR. Though at 149 the Roar 2 is competitively priced and its smaller and lighter frame will make for a more attractive proposition. The audio performance is well tuned, the Tera bass/ ROAR modes do their job at giving that extra presence when needed. Some may want a more bass heavy experience from their speaker and so may prefer to opt for something known for their subjectively 'improved' bass response. Even at full volume the Roar 2 is never harsh and simply sounds great.

It is a shame that by default, being a compact speaker, it will never quite have the same presence as a dedicated speaker system within the home, though this will never be the intent of a portable speaker. Considering this, Creative have done an excellent job with the Roar 2 and it requires a true amount of subjective criticisms to put any faults to it. As with its predecessor the real issue is with what it has not got, being the lack of an included carry bag. The extra cost of the protective carry bag/silicone case at 30 a piece can make the overall price jump quite high.

The Roar 2 loses in all the right areas, size and weight; retaining its big performance and huge list of features!

+ Smaller and lighter than the previous Roar
+ Packs the same great audio experience
+ Attractive design
+ Microphone Voice recording/Phone
+ Can be used with a line in, Bluetooth, mass storage and by USB
+ Sleep mode
+ Long battery life
+ Can be Charged via USB and by mains (added volume boost)
+ Can charge your phone

- Carry Case not included

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