Creative Sound Blaster Roar Classic Lite Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-09-17
Performance Testing
Setup, Design & Observations
Connect via any compatible Bluetooth 3.0 device, or via the AUX-in jack. Charge it up and play music. Another feature it seems to have retained is that, if you play music while plugged into the power adaptor, it will play even louder!

Aside from that, the simplicity of the Roar Classic Lite will make it popular with many people. As the Roar Classic Lite has shed many of the innovations we have found in the other Roar models, but thanks to this, Creative have managed to make the Classic Lite a little lighter, and smaller than the original Roar. I would liked to have seen a few more features retained, including the ability to use that huge 6000mAh battery to charge your phone, maybe a microUSB port to connect via PC, and maybe a microSD card slot. It would be rather epic if the Classic Lite also had the same feature as the MUVO 2C and have the ability to pair 2x Classic Lites together via Bluetooth. As it is though, it is certainly 'Lite', and certainly the sleekest, most beautiful Roar speaker we have had the pleasure of viewing.

Once we powered up the Roar, it was instantly clear that Creative did not compromise on the audio quality. The Classic Lite is completely capable of delivering well balanced, high quality audio at a good volume. The Roar mode gives the audio an extra kick to the audio signature, widening the sound, while boosting the volume a little. The bass could be a little deeper, but it is well accounted for without sounding boomy, or muddy, while the clarity of the mids and highs make for a highly pleasurable listening experience. The most important factor about the Roar's performance, (something we also observed with the MUVO 2C) isn't just about its powerful audio, but its ability to sound LARGER than it is. Having experienced many competing products (some very good ones too), it is hard to dispute that other products may have a better bass response, or another might be a little louder, but few (if any) match the presence of the Roar in a similar sized package. This gives the Roar a wide, and distinguishing ability to be heard with clarity up to a fair distance, without loss in quality of the overall audio presence, while other speakers, as you move further away, start to sound, small.

The Roar Classic Lite still acts as a very clear, loud speakerphone that can easily act as a conferencing device, maybe not the best, but certainly no reason to not use it if available. The microphone picks up voice from a fair distance away and sounds reasonably decent through mobile devices.

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