Creative Sound Blaster Roar Classic Lite Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07-09-17

The Creative Sound Blaster Roar came as a huge innovation to the Bluetooth speaker market, and is widely regarded as the 'Swiss Army knife' of Bluetooth speakers because of its abundance of features. Many of these features can however seem a jumble for some, added frills that may simply be unneeded that ended up being more of a burden scattered with confusion. The Roar Classic Lite addresses this. Connect your device via NFC/Bluetooth or by AUX-in, and reap the benefits of the award winning Bi-amplified drivers and its awesome, high quality audio.

The Roar Classic Lite is a minimalists dream in regards to features and aesthetic, though maybe too much so? At time of writing, Creative have some great deals on their Roar Speakers 1 2, which kinda puts the 139 speaker to shame, especially as there are some, very useful features that the Classic Lite has unfortunately foregone. Such as: using that 6000mAh battery bank to give your mobile device a battery boost via the USB power-out port, a microUSB charge/connection port, even the microSD card slot would still be appreciated. Right now, with an MSRP of 139, you would literally be paying more for less. Despite that, some people may find the simplicity and elegance of doing away with that fluff may be invaluable, and if that is the case, then the Roar Classic Lite is a fantastic choice for you. Connect your device and listen to it Roar!

The Roar Classic Lite simplifies the Roar Bluetooth speaker, cutting out all the extras that many may not need or desire, allowing you to get down to business; pumping out high quality audio.

+ Sleek aesthetic
+ Easy to use (NFC/Bluetooth or Aux-in)
+ Solid construction
+ 5 drivers
+ Bi-amplified design
+ Clear, well balanced audio
+ Built-in microphone

- Lacks a few too many of the features found in other models

- No included carry case
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