Creative Sound Blaster Roar Pro Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16-04-16

The Roar Pro comes in seemingly like a refresh to the original Roar model, serving up some extra battery life along with the features of the Roar series that we know and love. It would seem, as its name suggest that its intended use is in a professional situation as a wireless PA system paired with the iRoar Mic, and considering that the Roar Pro is half the cost of the flagship iRoar, the Roar Pro serves as a much more cost effective setup. Though there are many PA systems available that are more powerful, maybe even cheaper, few may be sporting the versatility, portability and advanced wireless features of the Roar Pro.

The only consideration to suggest with the Roar Pro, is, that it is likely to be a rather niche product. If you don't want to use it for a makeshift kakaoke system where you plug your smartphone into the iRoar Mic using a karaoke app of somekind, or have any use for it as a PA system at all, then you are likely better off with the cheaper Roar or Roar 2. This is because much of the cost increase seems to be in activating compatibility with the iRoar Mic. As a portable, wireless PA system, the Roar Pro + iRoar Mic, feels rather expensive and will not be as powerful/loud as many other PA systems. Though there are many circumstances where other PA systems are too loud, too much hassle, not portable enough, or indeed not even wireless. There are many small/mid sized occasions that may be perfect for the Roar Pro as a PA system, yet it remains versatile enough to serve a purpose outside of a PA system too. Should you need a boost in the presence you could even add a second Roar/Roar Pro or speaker of choice as a slave using the megastereo feature.

As with any Roar speaker, its versatility is its strong point as it covers all aspects of what you could want from a portable wireless speaker and then some. In the case of the Roar Pro, that extra some is the ability to be used as a wireless PA system. The extra cost just to be able to use the iRoar Mic + the 65 that the iRoar Mic costs, feels a little excessive, especially because the Roar Pro doesn't even take full advantage of it. It isn't compatible with the emotion amplifier or the iRoar megaphone app. Despite that, the Roar Pro is at a much more affordable price point for than iRoar speaker + iRoar Mic.

Of all its features, I would have liked it if the Roar Pro was a little louder with a punchier bass injection, but they are minor points and the Roar Pro easily walks away with our Gold.

Taking all that we love about the Roar to a professional level, alone it features various improvements over the original Roar, but when combined with the iRoar Mic, it makes for an excellent, compact, wireless PA system.

+ Compact and portable
+ Attractive design
+ Great sounding audio quality
+ Reasonably loud/ uses far field drivers
+ Playback via Bluetooth, 3.5mm line-in, microSD, USB-PC/Mac/PS4
+ Features the latest Bluetooth streaming technology (aptX Low Latency)
+ Improved battery life
+ Compatible with iRoar Mic - Makes for a compact wireless PA system

- Price

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