Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅04-07-11

Product on Review: Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headset
Manufacturer and Sponsor: Creative
Street Price: Approx £65-75 inc. VAT (GBP)

Creative have been strong name within the world of audio for over 20 years. The Sound Blaster brand has an extensive portfolio of products within it – spanning many years and achieving the highest of accolades. Anyone within the community that hasn’t heard of Sound Blaster is spending too much time on their Mac. Creative’s most recent product launch under the Sound Blaster brand is the Tactic3D headset. This headset is available in two forms – Alpha and Sigma. We will be taking a look at the Sigma variant today. The difference between the two models being that Alpha is smaller and uses a 40mm driver whilst the bigger brother - Sigma is larger and uses a 50mm driver. The Tactic3D Sigma promises to offer a fully immersive experience via TruStudio Pro Surround and a handy dual functionality mode.

At Vortez we have reviewed quite a number of gaming headsets so today the Tactic3D Sigma is under tough scrutiny but as always we are keen advocates of Creative and have been impressed with their products in the past so why should that change? As they say – ‘the proof is in the pudding’ so lets begin our analysis of the Tactic3D Sigma.

Creative's Take on Tactic3D Sigma:
Experience high-resolution 3D gaming audio with the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma gaming headset. Hear the clash of weaponry and the sound of footsteps as if they are really happening with high-resolution 50mm Neodymium drivers that produce the finer details of game audio. Touchscreen software and TacticProfile™ allow you to save and share your favorite settings including THX® TruStudio Pro Surround™ for immersive 360º headphone surround and VoiceFX™ voice morphing technology. In addition, enjoy a choice of analog or USB connection with Dual Mode™. Use the headset in analog mode with standard minijacks or connect the Dual Mode™ USB adapter to your PC or Mac for the full THX TruStudio Pro™ experience.

Technical Specifications
Driver Units
- 50mm Neodymium magnet
Frequency Response
- 20Hz ~ 20kHz
- 32ohms
- 102dB/mW
Microphone Type
- Noise Cancelling Condenser
Frequency Response
- 80Hz ~ 14kHz

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