Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅26-02-17
Closer Look

Given a birds-eye view of the Siege M04, we can see that there is a little narrow/wide trickery going on with the top portion of the mouse gradually following a natural contoured shape for the right hand. From this position we can see that each mouse click is independent without any bending plastic. There is an on-the-fly DPI change button, and forward of that is the mouse wheel.

Face on, we can see the Siege M04 has a strange protruding right side, sitting a little farther forward than the left side.

This side shows off its business, including the sniper button as well as the forward/back buttons that have been set into a rubberised grip.

The rear end of our mouse shows the extenr of ergonomic contouring as well as part of the main feature, the LED bar.

The right side of the Siege M04 is largely uninspiring, though the inclusion of the textured rubber side grip will allow for better grip and lifts in-game.

The sensor is positioned at the devices approximate centre and features a criss-cross cut-in diamonds.

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