Creative Sound BlasterX Siege M04

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅26-02-17

As their first gaming mouse, Creative have made a striking, ultra precise weapon that is certainly formidable. The supporting software can help expand its use in regards to programmability, macros, and impressive customisable lighting. As a leading optical sensor, the PWM 3360 is an ideal choice for a premium gaming mouse that can provide almost flawless performance when implemented correctly, as Creative have done here. The body itself is well constructed and comfortable to use and the use of high grade parts will ensure its reliability.

There are some things that could certainly be improved upon. One of which would be the size/shape/position of the forward/back buttons on the side of the mouse. They simply do not need to be that far away from the thumb or in such an awkward shape/size and it seems to be a decision made on design rather than function. Some may also find the mouse a little heavy, though we could argue that 110g isn't too massive, and considering the Siege M04 balances on the sensor point, this isn't really much of an issue.

The only real drawback one can foresee about the Siege M04 is that its pricing may put some people off, especially as many of the mice also sporting the PWM 3360 sensor can be significantly less expensive, and while the Aurora Reactive lighting is a neat feature, there are many that may not feel it is worth spending extra for it. Though, that will ultimately be the thing that turns people on or off towards the Siege M04. When compared to the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, it could be argued that this level of RGB lighting is nothing unique or new. Despite that, it is hard to deny that the Siege M04 does provide top class performance, and so it is a distinctive alternative worth considering.

If you love the Aurora Reactive lighting, there is little reason to not go for the Siege M04 because it has an awesome gaming spirit that provides the top class precision and responsiveness you would expect from a premium grade mouse.

Gaming mice need to be precise, responsive, and reliable, and the Sound BlasterX Siege M04 is all of these things with the added bonus that it appears to be floating on a rainbow.

+ Precise, jitter free performance
+ Comfortable to use for palm and claw grips
+ Interesting aesthetics
+ Aurora, Programmable LED lighting
+ Solid construction
+ Sniper button

- Price
- Side buttons could be improved (position/size)

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