Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Rage USB V2.0 Review

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅04-02-15

The Tactic3D Rage is certainly a looker with some power to it, the customisable LED lighting looks lavishly good while the comfort and nice bassy audio pwoered by those 50mm drivers will certainly please gamers. Another thing that is great to see is that this is a fully modular headset, allowing maximum versatility across all your platforms.

The ideas presented in this headset by Creative represent everything good in a headset, though there are a few areas that need improving. Firstly, despite my best efforts I couldn't get the software to give any real benefit, losing out on 'supposed' technologies. This could be down to a one off or setup issue, however, considering that it took a fair while to locate and download the said drivers, it became fairly tedious to trial and error every possibilty. Also, while we found the Rage comfortable, this may not be true for others, considering the design does seem to be a bit of a hand-me-down from the Recon3D series, all these great features could do with a remodel or repackage to take further steps in the refinement process (is that not what the EVO series should be doing?).

Finally, the actual audio signature itself seemed reminiscent of days long past and many similarly priced headsets of late offer some outstanding performance in comparison. Though on a good day, there is no reason why this one can not serve your gaming audio needs.

The Sound Blaster Rage USB V2.0 has attractive customisable lighting that can pulsate to the sound of your fragged enemies dying, how cool is that?

+ 50mm drivers
+ Customisable LED lighting with variety of modes
+ Fully modular
+ Good bassy gaming orientated audio

- Potential software driver issues
- Questionable robustness
- Strong competition

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