Crucial BX200 Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅03-11-15

As we’ve already mentioned in this review the BX200 is one of the first solid states to utilise the newly released Silicon Motion SM2256 Controller. This is also the first time Micron have used made use of a TLC-based solution.

Throughout our testing of BX200 we discovered that this drive is able to maintain good overall performance in a range of different scenarios. Sequential read and write performance simulate access patterns which are synonymous with the transfer of large multimedia files – video, music, images. BX200 handled these tests very well and retained consistent results.

Along with the drive comes SLC Write Acceleration, TRIM support and the inclusion of Acronis True Image HD. These features reinforce that Crucial’s new drive has the additional options that enthusiasts are wanting.

As with other SSDs, there are clear benefits over using a conventional mechanical hard drive. BX200 adopts fast transfer rates, operates efficiently and is a robust storage solution – by now, consumers should be well-aware of these advantages. Where BX200 really stands out, is on the cost. This 960GB version arrives with a street price of just £220 GBP - $299 USD; significantly cheaper than other drives of the same capacity.

Crucial’s BX200 sets out to bring a new level of affordability to the SSD market. This new drive is quite simply one of the best value storage solutions out there. If you’re still using mechanical drives, this is the perfect excuse to finally put them into retirement.

+ Consistently good performance
+ Great value
+ TRIM Support
+ Comes with Acronis True Image HD
+ SLC Write Acceleration
+ 3 Years Warranty

- There are none!

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