Crucial BX300 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅29-08-17
The Crucial BX300 lands at a reasonable price point, especially when the performance of the drive is considered. After taking a look around the big retailers, the price, at £140 for the 480GB drive, is pretty much in line with everything else, but with the performance far surpassing those budget drives. Current pricing sees the 480GB drive sitting around the 3.5GB/£1 region.

In our tests, the BX300 often finds itself topping the read performance charts, with only the Random Read in AIDA64 providing any real challenge for the controller. The write performance wasn’t lacking, either, but it didn’t cause quite the same SATA saturating results.

Crucial’s inclusion of the Acronis software to migrate data, along with an online tutorial to help even the most novice of PC-owner upgrade their storage drive, is a great inclusion, along with the 2.5mm spacer for greater compatibility.

Rounding up, the Crucial BX300 is an appealing package for anyone wishing to upgrade their internal storage and give their machine a speed boost.

Taking all results into account, the Crucial BX300 is the fastest SATA 3 drive we’ve tested at a price point that’s more than reasonable.

+ Good price point
+ Acronis True Image software included
+ Solid, consistent performance
+ 3D-NAND offers incredible long-term endurance
+ Lightweight
+ Energy efficient
+ Lengthy 3 year warranty

+- Average Random Read results in Anvil Pro

- None

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