Crucial Desktop DDR4 Review

👤by Richard Weatherstone Comments 📅01-11-14
First Look

The ram sticks as you would expect from a server line are nothing great to look at. No heatsinks and a green PCB do nothing for the aesthetics but as we said previously; are aesthetics really a concern in a server/enclosed PC environment? We think not.

What we do find are a couple of stickers both of which have a variety of serial numbers. The right most sticker also tells us the speed at which the DDR4 kit is specified to run at along with the voltage but there is no indication either on the sticks or the packaging (which is simply a blister pack) at what latencies the kit is specified to run at..

Things get even more 'basic' on the opposite side as there is simply nothing to see. We suspect this is because there are other kits in the range which will have a further bank of 4 chips to make each memory module 8GB.

Overall then, there really isn't much to tell you about the visuals other than do not expect this memory kit to win a beauty pageant any time soon!

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