Crucial MX300 2TB Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅07-11-16

After already reviewing the 750GB Edition of the MX300 SSD we had first-hand experience with Micron’s own rendition with 3D NAND. Overall, we were pleased with the transfer rates and performance from Crucial’s MX300, but what about the sizable 2TB edition?

Well, the read and write performance is marginally better with this larger model. Across our benchmark suite we experienced a slight boost in numbers. At this point in time the Sata 6Gbps standard has plateaued, obtaining transfer rates beyond 550MB/s urges users to consider NVMe M.2 storage but as far as Sata 6Gbps goes, the MX300 2TB drive offers decent, consistent figures in different scenarios.

The popular choice for large capacity storage has typically fallen to the aging mechanical hard disk drive but since the market is now saturated, there has never been a better time to replace existing mechanical drives with fast, SSD storage. Availability of capacities beyond 1TB have only recently been a possibility but with such products now stabilising and demand having eased up prices have lowered considerably. This new 2TB edition of MX300 represents good value for money and is a sensible choice for those wanting to retire large capacity mechanical drives hosting games, movies and music.

This 2TB edition of MX300 is available to buy now and arrives with the price-tag of £500 GBP / $500 USD. Looking around, there are actually very few SSD product lines which offer 2TB capacity and those that do are notably more expensive than the MX300, so we can vouch for this drive offering good value for money – and the backing of 3 years of warranty further emphasises this point too.

The 2TB edition of MX300 is a great choice for enthusiasts who are seeking to wave goodbye to large capacity mechanical storage. This drive offers great performance, is reliable and is the ideal platform for that beloved games volume.

+ Slightly faster than smaller capacity MX300
+ Consistently good results
+ Great value high capacity drive
+ Features dynamic write acceleration
+ Acronis True Image bundled with drive
+ 3 years’ warranty

- None!

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