Crucial P1 Review

👤by Matthew Hodgson Comments 📅16-10-18
It seems then, that Crucial’s first venture into the world on NVMe storage is largely successful, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, aesthetics matter in today’s age of tempered glass panels and RGB lighting. While it may not be the most beautiful drive out there, with some arriving plastered in gorgeous heatsinks and fancy coloured labels, the black PCB and basic label will blend into most builds rather un-noticed, though we wish they’d placed that bright white warranty label on the reverse side of the drive. Another plus point of the M.2 form factor is the lack of wires, you just pop it into the slot and attach the single screw, resulting in cleaner builds.

Performance was a little underwhelming when compared to the heavy hitters in the industry, though it proved to be almost exactly what Crucial promised, so we can’t complain too much in this respect, we still saw numbers around the 2000MB/s read and 1750MB/s write, which cannot be sniffed at; IOPS are also impressive, producing a snappy and responsive system.

Price was an important factor to consider while writing this review, with the NVMe SSD sector becoming more and more fierce with drives offering massive read and write speeds. The Crucial P1 1000GB is priced at £199.99 in the UK and $219.99 in the US. Samsung, XPG, Western Digital, Corsair and Intel are all well above this price for a similar capacity, while real-world applications will benefit only very slightly from a 3.5GB/s read speed when compared to 2GB/s.

Perhaps their next step can be total domination of the NVMe market with something along the lines of the XPG SX8200 or the Samsung 970 PRO; we’ll wait and see.

When considering the plain appearance, relatively small pricetag and great performance, we feel the Crucial P1 should do very well in today’s market and is certainly worthy of some serious consideration.

+ Performance was as quoted
+ Decent price
+ Plain and simple appearance
+ Easy installation
+ 5 years warranty

- Not the fastest NVMe drive

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