CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-01-14

Most reading this will have never heard of CRYORIG before because they are newcomers to the cooling market but this, their debut is filled with great prospects.

Straight out the box, it’s clear to see CRYORIG are keen to make a lasting impression with R1 Ultimate. Packaging is attractive, well thought-out and the accessories bundle is laden with plenty of useful items – they’ve gone the extra mile.

CRYORIG’s R1 Ultimate has been engineered to an extremely high standard. Unlike many newer manufacturers it evokes the mature sensibilities of a veteran design, with none of the 'rough around the edges' feel which less well-appointed coolers exhibit.

Not only does R1 Ultimate ooze style on just about every level, but it actually works. Too often do we find companies introducing dressed up innovations as part of their feature-sets which fail to deliver but this is not so with CRYORIG’s new offering. During our stock, overclocked and passive tests this new cooler proved its worth and consistency, battling it out with some of the forerunners of the cooling league. Furthermore, the FX140 cooling fans needed only 1400RPM to achieve the results on the preceding pages whilst previously reviewed rival offerings required significantly more, thus bringing in unnecessary and unwanted noise.

Priced at £55 in the UK and $89 in the US, we think R1 Ultimate is reasonably priced for such a flagship product. It cleaned the floor with a range of coolers which are in the upper regions of between £70-90.

What isn’t there to like? CRYORIG’s first product ticks all the boxes from styling right through to performance. The R1 Ultimate arrives on the market with a lasting impression and a clear message from its designers: “Nothings gonna stand in our way”.

+ Looks attractive and impressive
+ Coordinates well with most hardware
+ Engineered with fine quality
+ Abundant accessories pack
+ Easy to install
+ Performs extremely well
+ Low-noise fans

- Not compatible with tall memory heatspreaders

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