CRYORIG R1 Ultimate Review

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅30-01-14
Closer Look

R1 Ultimate is essentially a dual-tower heatsink but as you can quickly see, there are some significant differences from the conventional tower style of CPU cooler.

CRYORIG have engineered R1 Ultimate to have two fin stacks on either side. The black section features a 1.8mm gap between each fin whilst the silver section a larger 2.4mm. This implementation of what CRYORIG name “Jet Fin Acceleration System” promises to translate to better temperatures by squeezing airflow and increasing exhaust air speed.

A dual-tower design

Two fin stacks soldered together

The profile of this fin stack is vastly different to anything we have seen and the black region lends itself to having a varying contour compared to the silver side. Heat spreads out in a radial fashion as opposed to linear (as with most heatsinks). Whether this translates to better and more evenly spread heat conduction remains a mystery at this point but later in the review we will be analysing R1 Ultimate’s performance closely.

The profile and contour of R1 Ultimate

At the base of our CPU cooler there are 7x6mm copper heatpipes which pass through a copper baseplate furnished with nickel plating. This baseplate is convex and features a dull finish unlike other units which often are highly reflective.

It’s worth noting there are two pre-installed mounting screws attached to the top of the baseplate, these screws have tension springs in order to provide a tight and reliable fit.

Seven copper heatpipes form the basis

Finally, the cooling fans clip onto the heatsink with some assistance from the plastic covers. Attaching a fan is very easy and we really like the fact that once attached the fan can be pushed up to help clear memory which has taller heatspreaderws. CRYORIG also priovide some additional fan clips for attaching a third cooling fan.

Attaching a cooling fan is easy

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