Crysis Warhead Review (PC)

👤by Andrew Wallace Comments 📅21-09-08
AI and Visuals

The AI in Warhead is very realistic. Enemies will use smart moves, hiding behind objects like rocks and take cover whilst other enemies secure an area. Gun fights are always lots of fun and you might even find yourself reloading save games to retry certain sections as I did. This is a great game to show off to your friends, it will simply amaze any who experience it. The game took roughly 8 hours to complete. Which makes for a comfortable single player campaign. It is slightly longer than the original and will promote feelings that you wish it were longer.

Multiplayer mode is fast and fun. There is a new mode called ‘Power Struggle'. The aim of this game is to destroy the opposing teams base. To do this you have to control power stations throughout the map. If you have played Unreal Tournament 3's Warfare mode you will understand just how to play Power Struggle. They are very similar in characteristics. There is also the classic deathmatch mode called Instant Action, this is entertaining on LAN and over the internet, with each player using the nanosuit powers to gain frags. There are some nicely designed maps within this mode, and most will enjoy playing multiplayer although this game is predominately single player focused.


Visually Crysis Warhead is stunning. I would challenge you to find a game better looking than the spectacular eye candy that is before you in every scene you are placed. The textures are crisp, and almost life-like, Crytek have continued with the fantastic visuals and definitely won in this department. I would even go as far as saying It's visually more pleasing, the lighting and shadows are astonishing. You will be able to see some of the effects on the screenshots posted. But to really get a feel for it you need to play the game. Warhead will take advantage of any gamers PC and it suffice to say that a high end system will combine with this game beautifully.

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