Crysis Warhead Review (PC)

👤by Andrew Wallace Comments 📅21-09-08
Performance and Conclusion

Performance has been improved in Warhead and you will be pleased to know that you will squeeze some extra FPS out of the game when compared to the original Crysis. That said, this game still requires you to have an impressive setup if you want to enjoy all that this game has to offer. We played this game on a system which comprised of:

~ E6600 (3.5GHz) CPU
~ ATI HD 4870 (512MB) Graphics Card
~ 2GB DDR 2 (PC6400) Memory
~ 22” Samsung 223BW (Widescreen) Monitor

Playing at the following settings gave the following results:

1680x1050 'Gamer' Setting - 0AA - AVG FPS: 35-45
1680x1050 'Gamer' Setting - 2AA - AVG FPS: 25-30
1680x1050 'Gamer' Setting - 4AA - AVG FPS: 5

Playing Warhead at 1680x1050 on ‘Gamer' (high) settings - the setting below ‘Enthusiast' mode (Very high) with AA set to 0 this allowed a comfortable 35-45FPS and dropping to 20-25 in very busy scenes. Increasing the AA to X2 gave around 30 FPS and dropping to 15-20FPS in busy areas. Increasing things to a further AA X4 made things unplayable. FPS dropped to 5 FPS. So overall, Warhead has been improved upon in this area. Something which concerned many a gamer in the original, many struggled – even with a high end system and AA off or set to X2.

AA Off, AA X2 and AA X4:


Putting everything together, Crysis Warhead is a masterpiece. You will struggle to find anything which matches it this year. The atmosphere's you find yourself in will astound. The sounds will inspire and the visuals will blow your mind. Warhead improves on what Crysis struggled with. The game is faster, cleaner and a much better gaming experience. The expectations have been met. Crysis Warhead is one impressive game.

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