Cyberpower PC Hyper Liquid X139 Review

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31-03-23

Prior to this review the Infinity X129 Ti D5 from September 2022 was the most comprehensively equipped system weíd reviewed, and itís safe to say that the Hydro Infinity X139 easily out-paces it in pretty much every aspect. Generational upgrades across the board, augmented bespoke water cooling to include the GPU as well as CPU, and an arguably more attractive overall package all go some way towards an increase in performance to another tier altogether. Itís built for 4K gaming and content creation much like the Infinity X129 Ti D5, but unlike its predecessor it lurches towards being a viable proposition. But it does come at a cost.

The £5000 price to bring it home is the obvious talking point here. Inflated component pricing across the board has punished all segments, including the premium and prosumer, and Cyberpower are trying to sweeten the package through plenty of flash to go with the additional substance. This isnít a system for owners squeezing the most out of every single penny, instead itís more about loading up with plenty of Ďnice to havesí so itís as complete a solution as possible.

From the initial unboxing the system certainly has Wow Factor. It weighs a lot, to the extent that you might want to just double-check your deskís load tolerances, but itís immediately stunning. The cooling tube lines are just so clean, acrylic waterblocks shine, and of course Lian Liís O11D XL is a fetching enclosure with few peers. Anyone presented with this system will immediately have a smile on their face, a smile that doesnít disappear when you start putting it through its paces.

Both CPU and GPU are complete brutes performance-wise, trivially excellent in gaming and content creation. Theyíre the heirs apparent to the now broadly defunct HEDT class of desktop PC, shown by just how capable the system is compared to even its most recent precursor. Itís this sort of a system that would be ideal for the new class of 360Hz displays (for example) or any number of other new technologies that can take advantage of performance in new and innovative ways.

That being said, a monumental total system power draw far exceeding 600 Watts at the wall even under mere gaming loads speaks to how the landscape changes in a few short years. The system arrives with a 1000W PSU and we have no doubt whatsoever that going below this would be a mistake.

With high power draw comes large amounts of heat, which is a partial motivator for the water cooling solution assembled in the Hydro Infinity X139. Intelís i9-13900K/KF and KS CPU models all seek to opportunistically hit their thermal limits of 100C to push all-core turbo frequencies as high as they can beyond their base clocks. Conventional gaming workloads arenít enough to push this system to that extent, helping the CPU hover around 70C, but the amount of heat being pumped into the room becomes apparent very quickly.

RTX 4090 temperatures are quite a bit more controlled, hovering around the mid-40ís with a maximum junction temperature in the low 50ís. Itís benefiting greatly from existing in a separate loop from the CPU.

Perhaps the only significant reservation for us is the motherboard at the heart of this particular configuration. The MSI MAG Z790 Tomahawk has a few cut corners - most notably a lack of PCIe 5.0 M.2 support and troubleshooting tools - that this system justifies. Itís certainly adequate for the tasks itís likely to face, but we were hoping for more. The same argument could be made for the included NVMe SSD but realistically youíre unlikely to hit a roadblock where relatively modest write performance is a problem.

In conclusion, Cyberpower UKís Hydro Infinity X139 is a stunning premium PC boasting intimidating performance and an exceptionally clean dual-loop water cooling solution. The price is high but not unfairly so, and the skills on display in its assembly speak for themselves. If you have a budget this Ďpremiumí and stringent requirements then this is a system you absolutely should consider.


+ Dominating performance
+ Cutting-edge technology
+ Competitive pricing at the premium end of the market
+ Eye-catching and attractive
+ Manageable temperatures, despite notorious components


- Weaker than expected motherboard
- Average SSD write speeds
- Exceptionally high power draw
- Requires a budget that many can only dream of

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